Food Is Elegance

Art Direction | UI/UX | Branding | Strategy

The Refectory restaurant is a local and regional leader known for American cuisine and classic French cuisine. The approach was to give their web presense a refresh that would attract a younger millenial generation to experience a new level of dining without paying a fortune.


With a newly refreshed brand position, there was no limit to building a website that engaged potential customers in the digital space and encouraged them to take the next step and make a reservation. Strong, immersive imagery that showcased the stunning culinary work and the sheer elegance of the buildings interior dominate the website experience.

Calls to action to make booking enquiries online will be featured prominently and online gift voucher sales would be encouraged.

The Refectory had decided to open up its doors further by offering a Bistro Menu. This new menu allowed a younger generation of millennials to come and enjoy a fine dining experience at a fraction of the cost. In order to help offset the intimidating reputation and affluent menu, The Refectory required a facelift and a fresh marketing approach that would interact better with this new audience.


Clean lines, macro food photography, simple navigation, easy reservations, and clear menu listings were the defining points that led into refining The Refectory. But above all, a responsive website was condusive to attracting the desired new audience and turning them into not only customers, but repeat diners.

The website redesign works well in the digital space, and the brand personality comes through strongly in the overall aesthetic. Customers browsing on mobile devices are able to make a call or booking reservations and find the location map instantly and all website content is easily accessible.


The new website has been incredibly effective in promoting the new restaurant and building a younger audience of foodies. Online customer engagement has increased dramaticaly, with high traffic to the menu page and a massive increase in reservating requests and event bookings.