Pack It. Store It. Remember It.

Creative Direction | UI/UX | Branding | Strategy

StorageBoxes is a start up with a vision that required an extensive strategy and rollout plan to support the infrastructure and company goals.


The eclectic collection of brand assets would need to convey a holistic sense of brand engagement through the website design, app development and brand position. At the same time, visitors to the website would need to be able to find clear information on the products being offered without the brand story presenting a distraction.

We discussed an approach that would allow StorageBoxes to display their products and personality through the website in way that would reflect their brand while providing a solution to every day life. Presenting the user with a product and underlying support solution can be overwhelming on first visit, therefor we slowing introduced each piece of the StorageBoxes turnkey solution as the user was ready to move forward.


A clear navigation structure and conventional eCommerce practices instantly direct the user to the various product categories with a single click. The product pages offer a clear sense of the options available and the dedciated support of the product organization through an app that helps maintain and track belongs inside StorageBox products with a simple QR scan or entry name.

The StorageBoxes app required a stand alone landing page, as users were not included to use the app for only StorageBox products. The app would push ads that promote the StorageBox website if a user did not sign up through a custom ID located on the lable of each product sold online and in stores.

As users begin to utilize the app with entries, access to a desktop CRM became a necessity to better support the option for a larger view of each vast collection of StorageBox assets.


The outcome is a very unique turnkey solution, driven by the personality of the brand and an immersive experience throughout. While the structure is simple, the content is rich and offers a very rewarding experience for the audience while being able to pack it, store it, and remember it.