We Keep You Moving

Art Direction | UI/UX | Branding | Strategy

Smith Springs is a family owned truck repair company that has been operating in 3 locations for the last 20 years, but does not have a digital presense or the internal scheduling systems to grow for the future. Moving the brand into the digital space in an innovative way was a key objective for the company and the intention for the new website.


The intention of the new website would be to build brand equity by establishing trust and credibility among the target audience. An outstanding user experience on the Smith Springs website would instil confidence among a target audience that consists of municipal administrators, truck drivers and other companies involved in the fleet and commercial vehicle industry.

It was also suggested that a internal scheduling assistant be created and integrated across all 3 locations. The scheduling assistant would incorporate real time appointment settings to better utilize each location. In turn this solution would incorporate a fluid transition between location bays, offering a unique and impressive experience that would support the brand by allowing staff to access location availability and further helping customers to move in and out of repairs quicker.


As part of the research for the project, we identified a mix of clean UI juxtaposed with raw industry photography to reflect the modern approach while also referencing the hard work and heritage of the company. A rebrand took place to better align our efforts and position the company in the digital space confidently.


We aimed to execute the brand in an entirely unique way that was professional and modern, reflecting the forward thinking of the current generation, and yet still acknowledging and fostering strength from the past.

The simple site structure allows easy access to key information without compromising the substance of core areas such as their services, schedule forms, or locations, which showcases the capabilities of the company. The experience on mobile devices continues to be at the forefront of considerations and the Smith Springs website offers easy access to content and to make contact while showcasing the vibrancy of the brand.

The energy of the company also comes through in the photography, which uses great detail to highlight the individual expertise of the team and their commitment not only to Smith Springs, but to their customers.