Materials For Your Imagination

Creative Direction | UI/UX | Branding | Strategy

SKIDS is an in-depth proof of concept that takes a fresh approach to online DIY shopping. A presence that would provide a better means to showcase a community of builders, crafters, DIY enthusiasts and unique products from a reusable resource - while making a profit.


With the domain already in place, the strategy became clear; dominate the key term and support it with an engaging community base that has a unique platform. The approach lead to becoming the leader in reusable DIY skid projects that could be bought out right, produced yourself, or sold on the site.


Build a community lead by hand selected professional DIY crafters teaching you their methods of constructing projects made from reusable skids. All final projects made would be made available for purchase through the website. The opportunity to purchase project plans that included blue prints, accessories, and the proper building supplies and treatments would also be made available.

Lastly, users could simply buy bulk skid materials to build their own projects, purchase wood treatment supplies, or search project tutorials and find inspiration through a library of DIY videos hosted by our certified SKIDS experts.

If you wanted to upload your project and make a buck, pass it through the SKIDS experts for review and it will be made available on the site. The best of all, is promoting reusing an otherwise wasted product made from natural resources.