Make Your Games Count

Art Direction | UI/UX | Branding

ScoreBit is a platform application that allows you to keep score of the games you play offline. Card games, board games, memory games, store all the bragging rights and make your games count! I was approached with a opportunity to take a working prototype and promote a significantly better user experience throughout, as well as establish a visual brand direction and interface support behind it.


The discovery process was led with a desire to keep the UI simple, functional and impressive, opening up the user demographic to everyone. Using the established protoype in place, I went back to the drawing board and considered a UI that would provide a much more seamless and intuitive experience. One of the big feature additions would be the multi-team set-up and score history implementation to further engage audiences after the game was over.


The app was designed and structured for any user to pick it up with ease, allowing the UI to guide them seamlessly thought their experience regardless of age or technical background. Part of the goal was to build custom interface themes in order for users to ustomize their score keeping experience.


The outcome is a completely refreshed experience built upon a rethought and reengineered interface. The new user experience provides better support, usability and features rich brand attributes, ultimately delivering a great new experience for all types of users to get back to what matters most, bragging rights.