The Art And Science Of Movement

Creative Direction | UI/UX | Branding | Strategy

Bodycraft is a premier fitness equipment manufacturer and retailer with an established dealer network and bricks and mortar presence. They approached us to reinvigorate their eCommerce business and reposition their brand strategy.


With a comprehensive range of products across numerous categories and a diverse target audience, it was an interesting challenge. However, with the focus on body movements and the form meeting function, there was an enormous range of exploration to be had in terms of the potential visual and structure of the website.

Our aim for the project would be to deliver beyond a traditional eCommerce retailer and focus on an aesthetic that was true to the brand and highly engaging for users.


The website's structure and aesthetic would reflect and enhance the Bodycraft brand while engaging the target audience through a consistent, clear and intuitive interface that represented revolutionary high-end fitness equipment built for your body's natural movements.

The website would boast a number of features that augment the shopping experience and reinforce Bodycrafts's authority and credibility, including a 'Define My Craft' area which allows a user to determine their phsyical build goal(s) and also a 'Find My Craft' area which would further introduce the brand, equipment, and walk you through your experience at a higher educational level.


The resulting website represents a new chapter in Bodycraft's eCommerce story. The user experience is enhanced through ease of navigation, an intuitive filter facility and a highly visual, immersive design that reinforces the Bodycraft brand position.