Freedom Is Being Fully Charged

Creative Direction | UI/UX | Branding | Strategy

Aspect Solar is a pioneer of portable solar power products, as well as an advocate for green energy consumption all the way down to the batteries used to harness the power of the sun.

Aspect Solar needed to overhaul their website in order to provide a more efficient and effective means of selling their products and continuing to building their brand. The previous website lacked a powerful visual engagement in highlighting the lifestyles surrounding portable power and showcasing the brand position in an intuitive way.


With the website being the primary information channel to execute the digital brand communication strategy, it was vital that this would better reflect their standing as a thought leader and credible source in portable power for travelers, outdoor adventurists, the environmentalist and the average joe himself. A new website would allow the brand to expand on its brand position of 'Freedom Is Being Fully Charged' and require a second voice to carry the brand across channels.

Working closely with the client, we formulated a strategy that would promote the brand throughout multiple digital channels. This voice became known as #SunTribe and was carefully architected, built, and supported visually as its own stand alone brand that introduced itself to the outdoor lifestyle community without a evident sales push. This new voice was kick started by a group of ambassadors that advocated for the brand within their professional channels.

#SunTribe Application

#SunTribe are people who are ready to get outside of themselves. They are dreamers, explorers, risk-taking creatives tired of being boxed in. They seek to inspire and be inspired. They are weathered, they are rugged, they are powerful and they are forever youthful.

#SunTribe throws caution to the wind and is the antitheses of stale, stagnant, and monotonous. But most important, they are ALIVE.


The outcome of the project is a solution that incorporates a high degree of interactivity to present products and brand position in an engaging manner. The content hierarchy serves to provide an easy entry point into the brand while still providing detailed portable solar power and thought leadership information for those looking to dig a little deeper. Responsive design was key to maximise access to a target audience browsing across all devices.


Our Earth day campaign was the most successful customer interaction through the website and social media, boosting sales by 150% within one week. The website as a whole was monitored and routinely updated based on results from user testing, analtyics, and sales funnel studies.


The Aspect Solar website benefits from clarity of design and an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for the target audience to digest a wide range of content and easily find products.

The ultimate outcome for the Aspect Solar website is that the design and structure work perfectly in tandem to create an appealing yet comprehensive hub of product information, portable solar power thought leadership and a unique brand position to drive social awareness and deliver a compelling and engaging user experience.